The Design Service assists you to achieve the function, comfort, and atmosphere desired in a space.  This, along with a Space Plan will include, but not be restricted to a color scheme, selection of furniture and furnishings, floor and wall coverings, window treatments, light fixtures, letting of orders and coordination of deliveries and/or installation.


A Letter of Agreement will be prepared to confirm the scope of services desired and the fees involved.  The non-refundable Retainer along with a signed copy of the Agreement will initiate the start of the project.  This retainer will be applied to subsequent billing.


The Design Fee is project specific. There is a minimum design fee of $5,000.00 which may include $175.00 per hour for site appraisal, obtaining information, design development, consultations with other professionals, market research and coordination.  My assistant’s time is billed at $ 85.00 per hour.  In addition, there is a 35% processing charge of the net wholesale cost of all goods, services and labor selected, specified, and/or supervised by my firm.  This will be applicable to work performed by tradesmen of your choice or mine.  My fee will not be applicable to any sales tax, or delivery cost.


Deposits and balance payments for the cost of goods, freight where applicable, delivery, installation, and taxes will be paid as a per each source’s procedures.  Fifty percent (50%) of the design service fee will be payable as each order is placed, and the balance will be payable as each order is delivered and/or installed.  On those orders where delivery is immediate or payment is required in full before delivery, the fee will be billable in full.


Consultations are available at $250.00 per hour. Consultation fees by other professionals such as Architect, Engineer, Lighting Designer, etc. as needed will be billed to you directly.  These consultations are at times necessary for the good of the project and beneficial to the owner as well as constructive to the design team.


The Design Process can be a very pleasant one when expectations from all sides are openly set forth prior to beginning a project.  I hope that this has made you fully aware of the way in which I do business.  Please feel free to call me with your requirements, expectations, budget parameters, and desires.

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