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Sharing your Home and Loved Ones with your Work!

We have now been home together working ...
... a few beautiful silver linings:

I have been designing home offices as a natural evolution from my years of experience with corporate office and residential designs. These 2 spaces have morphed organically toward each other over the last decades but these difficult Covid times have exacerbated the trajectory of the home office!

We have now been home together working quietly - some not so much.

We have been doing home and homework altogether - sometimes in the same space.

All this while living together - cleaning, preparing meals, eating, relaxing, sleeping - i.e. LIVING!

Some of us were lucky to have had a dedicated space for work or homework pre-pandemic.

Some have seen this space now shared with others - often loved ones that may cramp your style or peace of mind while working.

There are a few tips to maintaining the peace while enjoying your peace of mind while engaged in work.

Connectivity - WIFI EVERYWHERE!

One of the most essential services you need in a home with many souls wanting to live/work/play anywhere is WIFI EVERYWHERE! Confirm that your WIFI is as strong in the living room as in all the rooms of your home including your outdoor areas. The ability for the family members to distance each other for privacy, sanity and productivity will alleviate many inner conflicts. Each space needs the service to be stellar while each needs to do "his/her thing" at the same time.

Sharing the same space:

Give each other polite privacy - include headsets that offer a quieter way to communicate with others while not disturbing your new "office-mate."

Allow as much space as possible between you and strategically placing technology and storage in that space. A shared printer and/or file cabinet may offer added functionality for both occupants - placed in a mutually convenient location but not in each other's immediate space.

A new office in the bedroom:

Again, headsets!

Absorb additional sounds with a curtain or a free standing acoustical panel (54” minimum height) to separate your noise and light from a sleeping roommate.

A colorful acoustical panel on the wall in front of you to absorb your sounds while on the telephone or talking to yourself.

Carpeting or an area rug will also absorb sound.

Increasing the functionality of small home office spaces:

Function is paramount so you want most of your everyday items close at hand. I design with this goal and to utilize every inch in all directions. This may mean vertical storage above the desk. A rolling drawer below the desk may house a printer. You may want to attach the computer monitor on a wall mounted arm to free up desk space. A comfortable desk chair is always essential for posture and support while at work.

A home office without a desk???

In these times, it is always possible to set up a home office! Technology allows us to do so much without the constraints of a physical space.

This, however may depend on your furniture and the other people in your space.

If you are not alone, you may need to consider the options above to secure the quiet and privacy you may need.

You can have an adjustable stand to place your laptop/ tablet while seated on different heights of chairs or a sofa. Your stamina and the comfort of your seat will determine how long you can work in that position. This is aside from the fact that you may be sharing this non-office like space with others.

You may still need some storage or printer in an accessible location or mobile piece of furniture to support your work.

I hope this has given you some solutions to your home and work issues or at least food for thought. Living together has also had a few beautiful silver linings. WE CAN NOW KNOW AND ENJOY EACH OTHER AS NEVER BEFORE and WORK WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!

If you need any assistance with YOUR HOME OFFICE or any of these accommodations, check out my Home Design Packages.

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