Corporate offices

Your physical space must also be consistent with your brand and image. Good design has been proven to promote well being, higher employee retention, and productivity in the workplace. You may want to consider sustainability factors as part of your brand, as a measure of your building’s efficiency and your employees’ health and wellness, or for the future of our children and grandchildren. We can direct you if your goal is LEED accreditation.

Healthcare and Medical Facilities

Physical space has been proven to positively influence healing. People feel better in an organized and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, which alleviates stress and anxiety. Traffic flow, adjacencies, and furnishings are crucial in the layout of a medical office or healthcare facility, and medical staff has more ownership and pride when their work space is well designed and outfitted, and conducive to their work patterns.

Sustainability in Design

Having spent a few years living in Seattle, Washington, I was enriched by the highly sophisticated green movement there. It provided me another layer of inspiration: sustainable design with a sensibility to the environment, and to our grandchildren’s world.

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