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E-design consultations encompass the design of a specific space in your home or office.


It is accompanied by a list of product links that allow you to execute the design on your own.

home office consultation

The office consultation is designed to work within your

space constraints. Whether you have one wall or a full room to allocate to your work area, you will work with your office consultant to obtain the results best suited for you and your work space.

Our goal for your office:

*  Function for improved efficiency

*  Ergonomics to support your musculoskeletal frame            thereby improving human performance

*  Beautiful space to make you feel good


strategy session

Thinking about a Design or Construction project?

Do you have a design concept, goal, direction?

I can help!

Experienced design assistance in times of uncertainty, feeling overwhelmed or just need some help.

My only goal is to help your project move forward!

My attention is all yours for the time we spend together.

This is a Finite consultation to get over a bump in the process.

mid-project assistance

The design and construction process can be overwhelming and frustrating!

Too many options?

Not fully understanding the drawings?

Pressured to give answers?

Let me help!

Having worked with many clients through this phase, I can assist you with these issues. I can help you better understand your plans/ drawings. I can assist you in making your choices.

My only goal is to help your project move forward!

My attention is all yours for the time we spend together.

This is a Finite consultation to get over a bump in the process.

“…a highly competent, experienced, organized and creative interior designer. Pat will bring beauty and order to any interior project.”
-- Anne, Seattle, WA
“…a very professional designer with a great talent for creating style and function at the same time... She has lots of experience and her presence is very inspirational.”
-- Alicia Silva, Principal, Synergy design studio; Vice Presidente Nacional at SUME, Mexico City Area, Mexico
“Whatever your personal taste is, she loves going out and finding what is really unique…that makes everything just right.” — Alex and Lisa, Chappaqua, NY
“To this day I get compliments on her design work… She is very talented and I highly recommend her.” 
-- Kerry Monahan-Gaughan, Owner, Concept Printing, Inc.


Are you comfortable with the layout? Do you have questions?

Do you need help to interpret your architectural and design drawings?

Years of designing medical offices including a Cancer Center and a Rehabilitation Facility have given me the insight to understand the positive affects of design on the patient as well as the staff.

I will assist you to calmly look at the whole design, understand the various viewpoints. I will help you clarify, get over a hurdle, disagreement or misunderstanding.

My only goal is to help your project move forward!

My attention is all yours for the time we spend together.

This is a Finite consultation to get over a bump in the process.

“It was a true pleasure to collaborate with Pat  on the design and buildout of an ambulatory cancer center. Pat is at once both visionary and detail oriented. She knows her craft and her approach is engaging – a winning combination.”  
--Constance Engelking, Vice President, Arlin Cancer Institute, Westchester Medical Center,  NY 
“Our medical group hired Pat to oversee a project completely designing, “building out” and decorating our 3000 square foot general and subspecialty obstetrics and gynecology offices and practice areas. She understood needs we didn’t even know we had, researched topics new to her…and was totally reliable and punctual.” 
— Enid, Westchester, NY 



Bespoke furniture to fit your needs....

Maybe re-imagine an heirloom or an

existing light fixture.

Products may be created from multiple materials and are fabricated by local artisans.

What special piece would you like us to create together?

“I love how Pat designs to my sophisticated and contemporary style. Her innovative custom pieces have proven to be functional in their solutions as well as beautiful. Pat is friendly and easy to speak with and we connected right away.”
-- Lauren, Franklin Lakes, NJ


I have been actively working in this field for over 30 years.


    As an architect, I have designed buildings and prepared working drawings.

    As a designer for a Contract Furniture Dealership.

    As a Facilities Engineer for a major Aeronautics Corporation.

    And lastly, as the founder and principal of a full service Commercial and Residential Interior Design Firm.


I have guided many clients with a calming direction in the overwhelming process of executing design and construction projects from concept to completion. Together, we have achieved successful and beautiful outcomes for their ideal homes and office spaces throughout New York and New Jersey.


Today, I am moving forward with finite consultations,

specific space e-design projects and, of course, my Zivi custom pieces.

Finite Consultations:

As a Design Strategist, I offer you a finite consultation service to help you overcome the many issues you may encounter in all processes of your design project. Issues that may threaten the ultimate success of your project.  I offer you my experience as a professional in this field to help you analyze, strategize and better understand the process of your Project throughout its phases. 

I am not looking to take over your design project, only to assist you along the way. 

I want to help YOU start your Design Project and understand your design plans, expectations, architect and/or designer. 

I want to help you with your construction hiccups, obstacles, surprises conflicts or hold-ups. 


If this is of interest to you, let's talk to confirm we are a good match. 



Specific Space e-Design:

E-design allows you to receive a professional layout for your specific space along with the necessary links for the products to complete your space. to acquire your products so that you can execute the space on your own. 

If this may be of interest to you, let's talk to confirm this is a good match. 

Upholstery for Interior




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